• QHQ-A

Model:QHQ-A Pencil Hardness Tester
Pencil leads to coating stress:1000g/750g/500g
Pencil bear load accuracy:卤10g
Pencil and measured surface angle:45 潞
Three contact the surface to be tested:Roller, pencil lead
Scratch speed :1mm/s
Standard:GB/T 6739-2006, ASTM D 3363

Product Description

 Pencil Hardness Meter  QHQ-A 


  According to GB/T 6739-2006, ASTM D 3363 design, through to a certain hardness grade pencil scratch after dry film, 

 with no coating damage caused by the hard pencil to express. This pencile hardness tester has small volume, light weight, 

 simple and scientific operation etc. It can be used in the laboratory, also in the construction site, and in any direction 

 on the coating hardness test.

  Coating hardness is the necessary measurement for the performance of coatings. 

 This instrument applied pencil scratch method. It is a fast and economical way to determine the film hardness using

 drawing lead core or the pencil core. 

  The pencil scratch method for coating hardness testing is a common method in the world since the 1980s. 


 Model  QHQ-A Pencil Hardness Tester
 Pencil leads to coating stress  1000g/750g/500g
 Pencil bear load accuracy  卤10g 
 Pencil and measured surface angle  45
 Three contact the surface to be tested

 Roller, pencil lead

 Scratch speed   1mm/s

 Packing List 

  • Pencil hardness tester
  • Heel block
  • Chunghwa pencil (6B-6H*13pcs, optional Mitsubishi pencil)
  • Knife
  • Level bubble
  • No.400 water sandpaper*10pcs
  • 500g pencil hardness tester
  • 750g pencil hardness tester
  • 1000g pencil hardness tester

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