• NDJ-8S

Rotor:1,2,3,4 number rotor (0 number rotor can test the low value)
Speed:0.3銆0.6銆0.5銆3銆6銆12銆30銆60 r/m
Auto:Automatically select the right rotor and speed
Stable reading cursor:Full column cursor means the stable reading
Accuracy:卤2 newtonian liquid
Power:AC 220V卤10 50Hz卤10
Environment:Temperature 5鈥35鈩 relative humidity not larger than 80

Product Description


   NDJ-8S digital viscometer  is the upgraded product. This instrument has the advanced machine design and mcu controller to give the correct result display showing the blue backlight, high-light LCD display making the result easily.

 Working principle 
  This instrument makes the rotor rotate in the same speed by torque sensor. The speed of the electromotor is decided by the program in SCM When the torsion which is directly proportional to sample鈥檚 sticky resistance is equal to the force from torque sensor in different direction, the viscosity will be showed on the LED after microprocessor鈥檚 working.

  This instrument has the MCU to control the capacity (rotor and speed) and to calculate the data from the sensor before show the value on the display clearly, at the same time show the rotor, speed and percentage and so on.  NDJ-8S has the 1, 2, 3, 4 number rotor and 0.3, 0.6, 1.5, 3,6, 12, 30, 60 r/m speed, so has 32 combinations to test the value in the capacity.


 Model  NDJ-8S
 Capacity  12106mpa.s
 Rotor  1,2,3,4 number rotor (0 number rotor can test the low value)
 Speed r/m
 Auto  Automatically select the right rotor and speed
 Stable reading cursor  Full column cursor means the stable reading
 Accuracy  卤2% newtonian liquid
 Power  AC  220V卤10%   50Hz卤10%
 Environment  Temperature 5鈥35鈩  relative humidity not larger than 80%
 Size  370脳325脳280mm
 Weight  6.8kg


 Packing List 
Main machine              
1, 2, 3, 4 rotor                 
Adapter / Protective support           
Base / Up-down frame             
Manual / Certificate / Guarantee                  
Inner hexagon wrench / Solid wrench               
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