Coating Thickness Gauge

  • Coating Thickness Gauge

Name:Coating Thickness Gauge
Measurement ranges0-1500um
Measurement error卤(1+2H)
Min. diameter of substrate50mm
Min. thickness of substrate50mm
Power supply21.5V AA batteries
Operating temperature range0-40鈩
Operating humidity range10-95RH
Overall dimensions1266935mm
Weight97g (excluding of batteries)

Product Description


   Coating Thickness Gauge MT4500  is a portable paint coating thickness meter for fast, accurate and non-destructive measurement of the thickness of non-magnetic coatings (such as paint and film) on metal substrates. This product has seen wide application in manufacture, metal working, chemical industry, commodity inspection and other fields, both for laboratory and engineering environment, and is essential for material protection major.



This device meets the following criteria:

GB/T 4956鈹1985 non-magnetic coating thickness measurement on magnetic metal substrate, Magnetic Method.

GB/T 4957鈹1985 non-conductive coating thickness measurement on non-magnetic metal substrate, Eddy Current Method.

GB/T 8393-1996  Magnetic & Eddy Current coating thickness measurement.

  MT4500 coating thickness gauge uses both Magnetic Method to measure the non-magnetic coating (such as aluminum, chromium, copper, enamel, rubber, paint, etc) on magnetic metal substrate (such as steel, iron, alloy and hard magnetic steel, etc) and Eddy Current Method to measure the non-conductive coating on a non-magnetic metal substrate (such as aluminum, chromium, copper, zinc, nickel, etc).
 Magnetic Method (F-type probe) 
  When the probe contacts the cover layer, the probe and magnetic substrate forms a closed magnetic circuit; Due to the presence of non-magnetic coating, magnetic resistance changes. The thickness of the cover layer can be derived by measuring the change.

 magnetic method

Magnetic Method

 Eddy Current Method (NF-type probe) 
  When the probe contacts the cover layer, the probe and non-magnetic substrate forms Eddy Current and gives feedback to the coil inside the probe. The thickness of the cover layer can be derived by measuring the feedback.
Eddy current method

Eddy Current Method


  • Thickness measurement of surface coatings on metal substrates;
  • Data transfer by Bluetooth, USB;

  • Single measurement, continuous measurement and differential measurement available;
  • Zero-point calibration, 2-point calibration and basic calibration available;
  • Metric and imperial units of measurement optional;
  • Automatic shutdown;


 Measurement ranges  0-1500um
 Resolution  锛0~99.9渭m锛/1渭m锛100~1500渭m锛
 Measurement error  (1+2%H)
 Min. diameter of substrate   5mm
 Min. thickness of substrate  5mm
 Data Transfer  USBBluetooth
 APP  WindowsAndroid AppiOS App
 Power supply    2*1.5V AA batteries or USB
 Operating temperature range   0-40鈩 
 Operating humidity range  10-95%RH 
 Overall dimensions  126*69*35mm
 Weight  97g (excluding of batteries)

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