• MB-810

Color Space:CIE-Lab, LCh, Luv ,XYZ,Yxy, Transmittance, Hunterlab, Munsell MI,CMYK
Illumination:d/0(Diffused lighting, 8 degrees observe angle),SCI(specular reflection included)/SCE(specular reflection excluded)simultaneous measurement銆(conform to CIE No.15銆両SO 7724/1,ASTM E1164,DIN 5033 Teil7,JIS Z8722 Condition c standards)
Reflectivity resolution0.0001
Integrating Sphere:桅40mm, Avian diffused reflection surface coating
Spectrum Resolution:10nm
Observe Angles:2掳 and 10掳
Light Source:A,C,D50,D55,D65,D75,F1,F2,F3,F4,F5,F6,F7,F8,F9,F10,F11,F12,CWF,U30,DLF,NBF,TL83,TL84
AdvantageAPHA, Pt-Co, Gardner, Saybolt, Astm color

Product Description

    Benchtop Color Spectrophotometer MB-810  is a transmitted liquid color measurement model, with good performance and specially designed for testing liquid transmittance, absorbance, concentration, chrominance and other parameters. The color instrument adopts measurement structure of D/0, integration of the full band LED composite light source, double beam optical system, ETC every-time calibration technology, which makes color instrument reaches a resolution of 0.0001, deviation of the transmittance within 0.08% and chromatic value : E*ab 0.015.

     Transmission Spectrophotometer spectrophotometer cuvtte spectrophotometer transparent sample spectrophotometer measure glass 

 D/0 Structure 

  Benchtop Color Spectrophotometer MB-810 adopts internationally agreed observe condition D/0 (Diffused lighting, 0 degrees observe angle) with transmission method for transparent sample color measurement.

d0 structure

 It is suitable for testing the glass and liquid color 

                                                                           Transmission Spectrophotometer

 Adopt UV enhanced silicon photodiode 

  Expend the transmittance from 0~100% to 0~200%

uv wavelength

 Pt-Co and Gardner Index- Liquid Yellow Degree Characteristics 

  The unit of Pt-Co  is Hazen to show the result. Every liter liquid contains 1mg Platinum with chloroplatinic acid and 2mg cobalt chloride hexahydrate is called one Hazen. Normally, the color data is between 1-500. It is suitable for testing transparent liquid or brown liquid whose color similar to one unit Pt-Co calm chroma.

  Gardner Color Code : Mix the cobalt chloride solution, ferric trichloride solution, potassium chloroplatinate solution in different proportion, we will get the standard color Chroma. Normally, the color data is between 1-18. It is suitable for the liquid whose color is darker than Pt-Co color.

  American Public Health Association (APHA): use K2PtCl6 mix with hydrochloric acid to make the standard color chroma and normally the data is between 1-500 which is same as Hazen.


 Color QC Software 

  Benchtop spectrophotometer MB-810 comes with color QC software, which is applicable in various industries color quality control and management of color data. It turns color into numerical data, compares color differences, generate measurement reports, provides color measurement data under different color spaces and customizes color management for each customer.



 Model  MB-810 Benchtop Color Sprectrophotometer
 Illumination  d/0(Diffused illumination, 8viewing) (conform to CIE No.15 ISO 7724/1 ASTM E1164 DIN 5033 Teil7 JIS Z8722 Condition c standards)
 Size of integrating sphere  桅40mm, Avian diffused reflection surface coating
 Illumination Light source  CLEDs (entire wavelength balanced LED light source)
 Sensor  dual light path sensor array
 Wavelength  400-700nm
 Spectrum Resolution  10nm
 Half spectral width  5nm
 Reflectivity range  0-200%
 Reflectivity  resolution  0.01%
 Speed  2s
 Interval  0.5s

 light splitting reflectivity:standard deviation within 0.08%

 color values:螖E*ab<=0.015 (After calibration, standard deviation of 30 measurements on  test white board, 5 second intervals), Maximum:0.03

 Observe Angles  2掳 and 10掳
 Light Source  A,C,D50,D55,D65,D75,F1,F2,F3,F4,F5,F6,F7,F8,F9,F10,F11,F12,CWF,U30,DLF,NBF,TL83,TL84

 SPD distribution/data,sample's color values,color difference values/graph, pass/fail results,  color error tendency, color simulation,display measurement area, history data color  simulation,manual input standard sample,generate measurement report

 Color Difference Formula  螖E*ab, 螖E*CH, 螖E*uv, 螖E*cmc(2:1), 螖E*cmc(1:1),螖E*94,螖E*00, 螖Eab(Hunter), 555 color classification
 Color Space

 CIE-L*a*b, L*C*h, L*u*v ,XYZ,Yxy, TransmittanceHunterlab, Munsell  MI,CMYK

 WI(ASTM E313-10,ASTM E313-73,

 CIE/ISO,AATCC,Hunter,Taube  Berger,Ganz,Stensby)

 YI(ASTM D1925,ASTM E313-00,ASTM E313-73)

 Tint(ASTME313,CIE,Ganz) Metamerism index Milm, Stick color fastness, Color fastness

 APHA, Pt-Co, Gardner, Saybolt, Astm color

 Battery capacity  Rechargeable, 20000 continuous tests, 7.4V/6000mAh
 Data Storage  limitless
 Inter-instrument agreement  螖E*ab within 0.2 (BCRA color charts II, average of the 12 charts)
 Light Source Lifetime  5 years, 1.5 million times
 Screen  5 inches True color screen
 Language  English
 Interface  USB
 Operating Temperature  0~45, relative humidity 80% or below( at 35掳C ), no condensation
 Storage Temperature Range  -25 to 55relative humidity 80% or below(at 35掳C ), no condensation
 Size  475*340*150mm
 Weight  7kg
 Standard Accessories  AC power line, color management software, drive software, USB cable, black calibration tube, 40*10mm cuvette
 Optional  Powder molding device, 40*10 cuvette, calibration report


  Main Instrument/AC power line/operating manual/color QC software/driving software/electric operating manual/USB cable/black calibration tube/40*10mm cuvette/verification certification

benchtop spectrophotometer cuvttespectrophotometer cdspectrophotometer charger

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