• MW1365

Temperature-30鈩儈 80鈩
Humidity0- 100RH
Power1/2AA 3.6V lithium battery
Accessorycover, bracket, screw2, CD, lithium battery

Product Description


  Out of clusters of  Digital Humidity & Temperature Meter MW1365 , this low power consumption data logger combines the function of signal sampling, display, storage and analysis, widely be applied in the industries of medics, food, agriculture, laboratory, electronics, air conditioning, weather service, archives management, archaeology study, fibre manufacturing and cold chain logistics, because this device can provide just in time solution of environmental monitoring, alerting and recording.



  • In measurement: with high sensitivity detector to pick up temperature and humidity with quick response and high precision, this device can review the readings of current, max, min, up limit and low limit.
  • In memory: automatically record and store the data of temperature and humidity.
  • Data transter: directly connect the device with PC USB interface to transfer data to PC.
  • In programming: to set up sampling period, storage interval and alarming.
  • In analyzing: with specialized software to analyze the data of temperature and humidity with easy and reliable operation.
  • In safety: the bracket allows screw fastening with transparent water dust proof cover to protect device from moisture and a up low limit can be set to alarm is overflowing reading.

  • In convenience: both temperature and humidity can be displayed with battery volume alert, it is compact and portable to be placed and workable like a flash disk.


 Measuring range
 Temperature  Humidity

 -30鈩儈 80鈩 0-100%RH 



1/2AA 3.6V lithium battery



 Weight   49g

 cover, bracket, screw*2, CD, lithium battery

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