• MG-026

Measuring Angle:20掳 60潞
Range:0.1~200 Gloss Units
Gloss Units:GU
Measuring Area:7x14mm锛圗llipse锛
Data Memorized:254 Groups
Operating Conditions:Temp:0~40潞C Humidity:85RH
Power Supply:4x1.5V AAA Size(UM-4)Battery

Product Description


   Glossmeter MG-026  with external digital screen, has 2 angles (20 degree and 60 degree) to measure high and semi gloss material at same time, which is widely used in Floor maintenance, Surface cleaning quality control, Stone and tile gloss measurement, Checking printed matter, Quality control of paint and ink, Polished metal surface measurement.

  •  In accordance with international standard ASTMD523, ASTMD1455, ASTMC346, ASTMC584, ASTMD2457, DIN ENISO2813, DIN67530, ENISO7668, JISZ8741, MFT30064, TAPPIT480, GB9754, GB/T13891, GB7706 and GB8807. Its technical parameters conform with JJG696-2002.
  •  Accurate measurement, good repetitveness.
  •  Small in size, easy to carry.
  •  Auto calibration.
  •  Intelligent design, rapid measurement.
  •  Able to store 254 groups of measurements.
  •  Built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery.
  •  Backlight display, suitable for low light environment.
  •  Use USB/RS-232 data output to connect with PC.
  •  Provide Bluetooth data output choice.


 Display  4 Digits Backlit LCD
 Measuring Angle  20/60潞
 Range  0.1~200 Gloss Units
 Gloss Units  GU
 Accuracy  卤1.0GU
 Resoltuion  0.1
 Repeatability  卤0.5GU
 Measuring Area  7x14mm锛圗llipse锛
 Data Memorized  254 Groups
 Operating Conditions  Temp:0~40潞C      Humidity:<85%RH
 Power Supply  4x1.5V AAA Size(UM-4)Battery
 Dimensions  Main Unit:156x67x28mm / Probe:58x28x108mm
 Weight  190g(Not Including Batteries)
 Stabdard Accessories  Main Unit/ Holder with Calibration Standard/External Probe
   Optical Cleaning Cloth/ Carrying Case(B04)/ Operation Manual


20掳: High gloss paint, printing ink, plastics, paper and other materials.

60掳: Middle gloss paint, printing ink, plastics, ceramics, marble and other materials.

85掳: Low gloss paint, camouflage coatings materials.

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