CIELAB Color Space

  Color is a kind of feeling, which is hard to descrip clearly and provide an exact explaination. In the past, many color difference formulas brought great inconvenience to industry application, because of different color formulas unable or difficult to transform data for each other, then the result calculated by different formulas can't be comparable. In order to end this mess, unify color difference evaluation standard, International Commission on Illumination (CIE) in 1976 formally recommended CIELAB color space and color difference formula and unified color application.




  CIELAB color space is a three dimension system, the color of the three dimensional distribution as shown in picture above.

+a: red  -a: green

+b: yellow  -b: blue

L: 0-100 blackness to lightness

  Since CIELAB color space launched, it has been widely applied in many industries, especially playes an important role in color quality control for dyeing, pigment manufaturing, paint, textile, printing, ink and plastic.


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