Spectrophotometer VS Colorimeter

 Colorimeter VS Spectrophotometer 


  There are 3 factors to measure color: Light Source, Object and Observer.

  Colorimeter also called tristimulus (X, Y, Z) color meter normally is used for color quality control via measuring standard and sample Lab value. While the Lab value is relative, not the absolute value. Colorimeter stress color difference value (鈭咵), so its main function is to determine which color is qualified, compared with standard color. 

  If analyzing one color components, spectrophotometer is necessary, which has wavelength (400-700nm) to decompose color via every 10nm. The Lab value measured by spectrophotometer will be very precise, it is an absolute value. Every color has its own Lab Value, spectrophotometer can test it out. Surely spectrophotometer also can measure color difference (鈭咵), it is more accurate than colorimeter. In addtion, spectrophotometer can connect color matching software to analyze color mixing, directly showing color is made of red pigment, green pigment or blue pigment, etc.

  Generally, if customer just wants to get color difference between standard and sample color in the industries of coating, printing, paint, dyeing, food, medicine, textile, etc, olorimeter is enough to meet the requirement. While if customer wants to get more precise each color Lab value, and how to mix color, then please consider spectrophotometer.

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