• MT220

Measurement ranges0-1800um
Resolution0.1um (100um)1um (100um)
Measurement error卤(3H+1渭m锛
Min. thickness of substrate0.5mm
Base sample diameter12mm
Power supply9V Alkaline battery
Auto off1 min.
LCD backlight function7 sec,
Overall dimensions67 x 30 x 175mm
Weight133g (without batteries)
Convex radius2mm
Concave radius11mm

Product Description


   Thickness Gauge MT220  adopts magnetic induction technique for measurement. The compact design perform fast, precise and non-destructive digital coating measurement and plating on steel magnetic conductor . It is widely used on manufacturing, workshop, chemistry or quality control  fields.


This device meets the following criteria:

GB/T 4956鈹1985 non-magnetic coating thickness measurement on magnetic metal substrate, Magnetic Method.

GB/T 4957鈹1985 non-conductive coating thickness measurement on non-magnetic metal substrate, Eddy Current Method.

GB/T 8393-1996  Magnetic & Eddy Current coating thickness measurement.

  The product uses Magnetic Method to measure the non-magnetic coating (such as aluminum, chromium, copper, enamel, rubber, paint, etc) on magnetic metal substrate (such as steel, iron, alloy and hard magnetic steel, etc).

 Magnetic Method (F-type probe) 
  When the probe contacts the cover layer, the probe and magnetic substrate forms a closed magnetic circuit; Due to the presence of non-magnetic coating, magnetic resistance changes. The thickness of the cover layer can be derived by measuring the change.

 magnetic method

Magnetic Method


  • LCD display measurement value and status.
  • Using Hi- sensibility sensor for precise measurement.
  • 0 point, 2 point and basic, three different calibration methods to make it easy to process the system quick calibration.
  • Measure mode: Single, continually and difference.
  • Data record, recall and delete function.
  • Data analysis: Average, Maximum, Minimum, standard deviation, and measure times.
  • Beep sounds indication.
  • Metric / Imperic unit selection.
  • Low Battery indication.
  • Auto power off
  • LCD backlight
  • Simple, compact structure and portable design.


 Measurement ranges  0-1800um
 Resolution   0.1um (<100um)1um (>100um)
 Measurement error  卤(3%H+1渭m锛
 Min. thickness of substrate  0.5mm
 Base sample diameter  12mm
 Minimum curvature  radius of convex magnetic substrate  2mm
 Minimum curvature  radius of concave magnetic substrate  11mm
 LCD display  3 1/2 display
 Operation current  Around 25mA
 Power supply    3*1.5V AAA batteries
 Battery life  Continuously 20 hour
 Auto off  1 min.
 LCD backlight function  7 second
 Operating temperature range   0-40鈩 
 Low battery indication  2.8V 0.2V
 Operating humidity range  10-95%RH 
 Overall dimensions  72*35*145mm
 Weight  246.1g (without batteries)

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